Hello! My name is Ann. I have a disorder called Trichotillomania (Trich, TTM).

Every single thing I’ve ever read about trichotillomania has started out with a boring description about the disorder. If you’re reading this I assume you have it yourself or someone you know has it. If you don’t, you probably have Google, so I’ll leave you to learn more about it. I’ll wait.

If you’ve gotten to this point then you’ve probably read the basics, and if you read a little further you know there’s a lot of information on how to stop pulling, magical cures, the social impacts and how much suffering it causes.

I’m here to offer a different (Maybe even controversial) perspective. While there are treatment options, there’s still no cure, and to be honest, all the information about how to stop pulling is ridiculous and confusing to those who don’t have to deal with it. Words matter. While it used to be a different story (I’ll get into it later if you wish to continue reading this blog), these days I will never refer to it as suffering. I am not a victim, and neither are you.

I’m starting this blog to illustrate my personal journey and thoughts regarding trichotillomania and self-acceptance. I encourage anyone to comment with your thoughts, whether you agree or not. My promise to the reader is to do my very best to make it funny, entertaining, and to be as active in comments as possible.