Sometimes I feel like I should just fill this blog with inspirational quotes and funny uplifting web comics because there’s really only so much you can say about a single topic. I suppose I could go off about other things every so often. I just don’t see the point in starting another blog that’s just going to end up sitting there for weeks at a time. I might as well just throw it all here, for trichy readers to (hopefully) enjoy, whether it’s about trichotillomania or not.

I had the most intense pulling episode I’ve had in years. About a week ago I pulled out the entire top half of my mohawk and ended up with a shopping bag full of hair! I didn’t know whether to cry or be impressed with myself.

After that I was torn between two different thoughts.

“Holy shit! I was able to see 9 full months of hair growth!”
“How sad, I just ruined 9 full months of hair growth.”

I went through so many emotions and cried so much when it happened, but since then I’ve decided to focus on the first thought because dwelling on the hair loss won’t change anything.

I did get a nice new synthetic lace front wig. It’s a different color than I’ve been going for and it kind of makes me look like a different person. Sometimes you just need a change. For anyone interested, I got it here: