If you go into online support groups, you’ll often find they are littered with trigger warnings or people insisting that the person who shared add a trigger warning.

I often say, “That light triggered a migraine,” or “This situation caused a panic attack.” and then I deal with it. When it comes to trich, it’s often taken too far and instead of a THING causing you a reaction, the blame is put on a person. In a support group, it implies that your reactions are the responsibility of someone else- often times someone who doesn’t even know you. This is why the word is often mocked.

Whatever the case may be, if something bothers you, you should take responsibility for yourself. While you may not always have control of your initial reaction to something, you have control over how you handle it. You could, oh I don’t know- Hide the post. Walk away. Do something else. Use your resources.

We live in a society where people are way too sensitive. Just because you deal with a BFRB doesn’t mean that you’re entitled to special treatment.

While I’m on the subject, there are a couple of things that are often upsetting to trichsters.

“I’m so angry I’m about to rip my hair out.”
“Raise your hand if you still have hair on your eyebrows.”

Although the first one may contribute to the myth that hair pulling is only caused by extreme stress and anger, it’s only a figure of speech.

The second one is just stupid. Congratulations, you have eyebrows.

Either one of these can be seen as an opportunity to spread awareness. There is no need for them to affect you in a negative way.