While there are treatment options, there’s still not a cure all. I will touch on this more at a later time.

I’ve gotten to a point many times in the last ten years where I’ve tried to gain some form of control and ended up shaving everything off again. If you’re going to shave it, you might as well get creative and have a little fun with it.

I was watching Sister Wives one night (Shut up! It’s good, okay?) and a counselor on there said this,

“Whenever we can be able to laugh about something that has been traumatic in some way, that’s healing.”

I immediately thought about my experiences with trichotillomania.

Allow me to introduce the headstache! When I did it, it made me laugh at a time when I was feeling down on myself. I only had it for a few hours, but now instead of looking back on a time where I couldn’t stop pulling, I can look back and see something positive and funny.